Derdian is a Symphonic Power Metal band born in 1998 in Milan, Italy.

Its music is the perfect fusion between symphonic orchestrations and heavy guitar riffs and drums which give the band a unique identity.

After two demos: “Revenge” (2001) and “Incitement” (2003), in 2004 the band signed its first agreement with Steelheart records and recorded the debut album “New Era pt.1“.

In 2006 Derdian was contacted by the American label Magna Carta that proposed an agreement for two albums: “New Era pt.2 – War of the Gods” and “New Era

pt.3 – The Apocalypse“. In 2013 the band decided to leave the fantasy genre and to deal with the most current issues of the human society.

The subsequent work , “Limbo” is the result of this new approach and it had such a broad international consensus that won a distribution contract in Asia with the

Japanese label Spiritual Beast.

By now the band is working on the promotion of their 5th album: “Human Reset” which will see the light in July 2014.

In live shows the band doesn’t use any kind of backing tracks. This lets Derdian play an “old school” Heavy Metal style, without barriers and frippery.

The new album of DerdianHuman Reset ” will be released in Asia the 23th July by Spiritual beast, and will be available in Europe and U.S.A. via

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