Thanks to over ten years of experience, V-Promotion offers a wide variety of services to suit every kind of need in terms of promotion.

All campaigns are carefully personalized on each project to get the highest result of exposure in the music scene.

Our press office reaches thousands of contacts and works tight on recallings and follow ups to keep under control every feedback and to constantly update PR with all media.
Here is what we can do:
  • press office
  • marketing plans
  • artists & labels consulting
  • national & international promo campaigns
  • specialized press, magazines & webzines
  • press, radio & media advertising
  • reviews & interviews
  • radio & TV
  • web & social networks promotion
  • public relations
  • street promotion
  • promo gigs & show cases
  • graphics & artworks
  • photo & video
  • epk
  • website development
  • seo strategies

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