Mary Brain – New Video “Sentenced to Death”

Valery Records and V-Promotion are proud to announce the forthcoming release of “Sentenced to Death” , Mary Brain’s new video.
Taken from the album “Light after Dark” released on September 28th 2018 on Valery Records label, “Senteced to Death” is the first video and single released by Mary Brainfor this album.
The video is available at the following link:
Born in 2006, Mary Brain, is an Italian band based in Modena, with already an EP and a previous album to the active: “Pay For Your Sins” EP (2009) and “Regression Of Human Existence” Album (2013) . The line up is: Matteo Vicenzi (Vocals) Andrea La Piccirella (Guitars) Nicola Palma (Bass) and Andrea Ferrari (Drums).
From the point of view of sound, the first influences of Mary Brain, range from rock to heavy, passing through the prog /trash with dark veins then matured in “Light After Dark” album with strong references to hard rock and heavy metal 70/80 years and a prog flavor that continues to be present in their music. In the first full lenght, “Regression Of Human Existance”, the pessimistic vision of the human race is well highlighted not only in thematic content but also in dark sound with dark and introspective veins, while in the new album “Light After Dark“, also reflecting the positive current condition of the band, we finally see the light appear after darkness.
The sounds, arrangements and lyrics are now definitely more positive and optimistic and the sound of Mary Brain is therefore quite different from the previous album. This new style is defined by the band “Metarock” and was created to offer something innovative or an interesting mix between Metal, Rock and Prog. “Metarock” conveys a feeling and a certain groove more, a strong and recognizable identity that makes the sound of Mary Brain definitely personal and unique.