KLOGR: first gigs of the european tour promoting EP “Till You Turn”

After the success of the first full album Till You Decay (January 2012) KLOGR are happy to announce the first dates of their European tour to promote the new EP “Till You Turn”, released February 26, 2013 and confirm the new lineup that feature the members of Timecut.

After one year from the first release, KLOGR return to the music scene with a product that once again confirms the excellent artistic and musical preparation of the band, which also allowed them to achieve great international results thanks to the great work of their fanclubs (there are now more than 10), KLOGR will play the Sweden Rock Festival, which will take place from 5th to 8th of June (and will see headlining bands like Kiss, Rush, Europe) and also the Metal Battle finals, which will be held in the Netherlands on March the 16th, to which they had access after winning a previous selection in Belgium.

After the first part of the Italian ‘Till You Tour’, which counted more than ten dates in Italy, KLOGR are preparing to leave for the European tour which will visit several places including France, Germany, Holland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania. Estonia and Poland.

Here are the first confirmed dates:     “TILL YOU TOUR” European Tour 2013

MARCH 16th 2013 Dokkum (NL) – Zero

MARCH 20th 2013 Quincy-Voisins (FR) Studio JackPotes

MARCH 21th 2013 Paris (FR) Le Paris Poppins

MARCH 22th 2013 Lille (FR) La Rumeur Estaminet

MARCH 23th 2013 Eragny (FR) Studio Cross Over

MARCH 26th 2013 Chemnitz (DE) Subway To Peter

MARCH 27th 2013 Hannover (DE) Rocker Hannover

MARCH 28th 2013 Zweibrücken (DE) GASTHAUS SUTTER

MARCH 29th 2013 Valdoie (FR) K-fées

MARCH 30th 2013 München (DE) Backstage

APRIL 10th 2013 Riga (LV) Nabaklab

APRIL 14th 2013 Helsinki (FIN) On The Rock

APRIL 17th 2013 Jelgava (LV) – Melno Cepurīšu Balerija

APRIL 18th 2013 Villnius (LT) Muzikos-Rūsys   www.klogr.net

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