Valery Records is proud to announce the sign with the band  Old Man’s Cellar.

Active since 2009,  Old Man’s Cellar are an authentic Melodic Hard Rock band and present with high class and power a music style that many people today consider a niche genre for few followers looking for perfection in the style and in the arrangements. 

Actually even if the ability of the band in putting in the front vocal melody and keyboards as most of the A.O.R. bands is definite,  the Old Man’s Cellar are a fresh project, powerful and definetely modern and for sure they will find their special space in the national and international Melodic Hard Rock scene. 

The line up is made by Ricky DC on vocals, Freddy Veratti on guitar, Angelo Scollo on bass, Max Boni on keyboards and Andrea Fedrezzoni on drums.

“Damaged Pearls” is the title of their first upcoming album that sees the light after a long and accurate work, produced and recorded by the band at the Studio 73 and mixed with the collaboration of producer Riccardo Pasini. After a transition period of time caused by previous contracts problems and label change which postponed the release, “Damaged Pearls” is now ready to go out worldwide.
The album will be released worldwide in the next months in CD and in digital version with label Valery Records.
Promotion and press office are in the hands of Valery Records.

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