New life and innovative energy is pumped into the new studio work of Klogr.

Born as an open project and always shared between artists from different musical backgrounds, Klogr, led by the untiring Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli never ceases in churning out new surprises.

“Till You Turn”, the new EP, which is considered the second chapter of the band, has a number of interesting collaborations: two songs produced by Olly (The Fire), a song featuring Marco Coti Zelati (Lacuna Coil), two tracks produced by Dysfunction and mixed with the help of Logan Mader (Machine Head), a song featuring Paolo Valli on drums, three tracks recorded live from “Ground Zero Live” (the first concert of the band) and finally, two pieces created with Timecut (altenative/rock band).

Along with participating in making of the EP with Klogr, Timecut has become a full part of the project and bring massive power and creative energy to what is shaping up as one of the most interesting live acts of the Italian and International independent scene.

“Till You Turn” will be printed with a Special Edition (150 numbered pieces) USB flashdrive that contains the 7 songs (4 new and 3 live) and the entire live set performed on the ’11-11-11 Ground Zero 1st show. It is to be available at the live world premiere on November 17th at Ricky’s Pub of Padua.

More informations are available on www.klogr.net

info@klogr.net info@zetafactory.com info@valeryrecords.com

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